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Mashcream - Il gelato italiano in roll
Mashcream - Il gelato italiano in roll

Mashcream - Il gelato italiano in roll

Mashcream is a concept based on the express production of homemade ice cream in front of the eyes of the customer.
Mashcream is the concept, a mix of product and marketing, machine and social network, ice cream and show cooking. Shortly, social cooking.
The ingredients chosen by the customer customize an ice cream totally esclusive created on a chilled plate in front of their eyes.
So, Mashcream, is not just an ice cream, but a real experience that involve the customer starting from the show from the phase of preparation, with a soft and compact taste which is mainly given by the fresh fuit, up to the pleasure to savor the flavor.
You do not need a lab, you do not need large spaces, it is not necessary to be a chef to prepare a Mashcream ice cream!
Technological innovation, thanks to a chilled plate with a working temperature of abut -25°C, and tradition of italian ice cream, for the first time joined together to create an "emotional" ice cream with the following plus: Gluten free, Halal, Healthy and Bio.

Mashcream - Il gelato italiano in roll

Giacomo Bizzarri

Born in 1987, sporty, a degree in Business Administration and a curios and shiny approach to new trends, result of international experience.
Patented the Mashcream idea in 2015 and opens the innovative start up as a founder.

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