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RobotFarm, hydroponic indoor greenhouse-appliance
RobotFarm, hydroponic indoor greenhouse-appliance

RobotFarm, hydroponic indoor greenhouse-appliance

We all love to eat good, natural and fresh food, but it's hard to find high-quality products ...
For this reason, we decided to create RobotFarm, an automatic and self-sufficient hydroponic greenhouse of the size of an appliance, to allow anyone to grow in hydroponics technology everything they may need: Leafy vegetables, spices, salads etc ... all year, without agricultural competences, without pollution, sustainable, Km0 and high quality ... directly in the city ... and why not "without nickel".

RobotFarm, hydroponic indoor greenhouse-appliance

Giorgia Pontetti

Dott. Ing. Giorgia Pontetti, born in Rome, 06/05/1977
Education: Degree in Electronic Engineering, Microelectronics address, University of Roma Tre and then Degree in Astronautics Engineering, School of Aerospace Engineering, University of Rome La Sapienza.
Member of the Order of Journalists of Piedmont and Province of Rome
From 1996 to the Present - Managing Director of G & A Engineering S.r.l., Oricola (AQ)
From 2004 to the Present - Managing Director of Ferrari Farm Società Agricola S.r.l., Petrella Salto (RI)
From 2005 to the Present - Director at Ferrari S.r.l. BSN, Oricola (AQ)
From 2006 to the Present – Engineer Freelance
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
Involved in AMS and FERMI Experiments, Principal Investigator for EST experiment during the Eneide Mission, Principal Investigator for I-APE experiment during the DaMa mission STS-134, Project Manager Industria 2015 - Sustainable Mobility. She wrote some articles, teaches in different courses and has different patents of innovation; her story was told in the book "The Future in Hands," Journey in the Italy of Young Artisans by M. Puricelli.
Hardware and Software Design, SW Knowledge, MIL, ISO, ECSS… Standards Knowledge, advanced knowledge in the field of hydroponic agriculture in sealed and sterile greenhouses, advanced knowledge in the field of hydroponics agriculture for indoor applications, knowledge in "Food Labelling", knowledge of Digital Marketing Tools, expert in the preparation of national and national races financing projects.

  B27 (pav. 6) - Giorgia Pontetti

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