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MyzharBot is the prototype of a crawler robot developed for the study of autonomous surveillance applications on external environments. The capability to connect to the internet makes MyzharBot part of the IoT world, with the chance to interact with the latest generation of mobile devices.
MyzharBot is able to operate independently and can report abnormal events to a remote supervisor, but can also be driven by remote in the case where it is necessary to make manual operations, in total safety.
MyzharBot is one of the robot made by the RoboSec Team, a patrol of autonomous robots for automatic monitoring of internal and external environments.


RoboSec Team

The RoboSec team is a quartet of robotics enthusiasts looking for the right opportunity to become a concrete company in the field of mobile robotics conjugating IoT and security.
Marco Fabbri brings to the team the experience gained in the design and production of Herbie, one of the most advanced autonomous lawnmower robot currently available on the Italian market.
Mauro Soligo develops and designs electronic boards tied to the industrial world.
Raffaello Bonghi, new Ph D in Automation Engineering, wants to finally put into practice all the theory studied in the years of University.
Walter Lucetti, Computer Engineer, brings to the project the experience gained over a decade of industrial research about computer vision and artificial intelligence applied to industrial production monitoring projects, to Video Surveillance and to Mobile Robotics.

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