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hereyouARE - hereyourID
hereyouARE - hereyourID

hereyouARE - hereyourID

hereyouARE (Agile Rescue Engine) is a tracking board Arduino compatible created along with a complete OpenSource software to be an open alternatives to the tracking systems available on the market. It has been build with dogs and pets in mind and it has some unique characteristics:
- open source
- completely reprogrammable
- GPS and GSM tracking system
- companion Android application
- Ubidots compatible

It has a custom case, and also a 3d printed support for a off-the-shelf waterproof case

I now built an additional module (hereyourID) based on a low cost rfid board, connected to the hereyouARE board, used to read the the RFID chip of dogs/pet. Also this one have a 3d printed case

hereyouARE - hereyourID

Cesare Pizzi

I'm an IT engineer working in security fields. In my spare time, I'd like to build things. Some time ago I met Arduino, and it opened hundreds of possibilities: now, in my house, you find arduino boards in every corner, doing a lot of different things. Also on my dogs!

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