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TWELVE Collection modular magnetic lamps
TWELVE Collection modular magnetic lamps

TWELVE Collection modular magnetic lamps

As design lovers we know how difficult is to personalize what designers have drawn for our home. Many times we face the difficulty of finding something unique and precious at the same time. TWELVE Collection is the innovative lighting system created to suit your changing needs thanks to its magnetic connections.
All TWELVE Collection lamps are modular, versatile and customizable. Choose the number of modules and join them together in endless combinations. Direct the light where you want just rotating the modules with your hands. Shape the lamps in unlimited forms, dimensions, orientations, materials and colors. TWELVE lighting systems are intended to be used in many ways: choose from the available add-ons and explore all the possible applications: table lamp, wall lamp or pendant lamp.

TWELVE Collection modular magnetic lamps

Plato Design

Plato Design is a design startup based in Rome, Italy, founded by Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri. Both architects, they previously worked in several European cities dealing with construction industry, interior design and academic research. In 2015 they decided to return to their city Rome and start the new adventure of running their own business. The company was awarded the Regione Lazio Fund for Creative Industries for the D-TWELVE lamp project.
At Plato Design things are invented, prototyped and handmade, merging clear design with technological innovation and unique “made in Italy” handicraft.

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