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Maker Economy Starter Kit
Maker Economy Starter Kit

Maker Economy Starter Kit

WASP submits the Maker Economy Starter Kit, an exportable Project that sustains a New Model of Economic Development based on the Makers’ Culture. A container with the 12metre-high BigDelta, all the printers, the architectural plans and the tools for the digital fabrication will be in Rome to build a Maker Economy Village. We’ll show a DIY system for Geopolymer and Plastic Polymers and also able to cut  wood, plastic and metals. Medium size Printers will make chairs, tables, shelves, recycling and adapting materials found locally. Some big tents will be available for the workshop.

Maker Economy Starter Kit

WASProject Team

About us
CSP (Centro Sviluppo Progetti) was founded in 2003 from a 25-year experience of founder Massimo Moretti gained in the world of electronics and mechanics. The company develops innovative projects: continuous research and state of the art are the cornerstones of a work that is based on the desire to leave a better world than one has found and on trust in the technology behind sustainable progress.

And that is how WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) was created in 2012. A project focused on developing 3D printing and that finds its roots in the world of Open-source, trying to give and put into circulation know-how and tools. WASP manufactures solid professional printers with the aim to encourage sustainable development and in-house production. These are the reasons that lead to continuous research on materials to be extruded, a road that led to ceramic and porcelain printing.

The first step in the group’s production history is the development of POWERWASP: a fast, economical and versatile 3D printer that mills wood and aluminium too. Equipped with a syringe, POWERWASP can also print ceramic mixtures.
Afterwards, the range of DELTAWASP printers was created, which meets the needs of 3D printing, from small to large. Fast and highly precise, they can execute a wide range of products. Thanks to the implementation of an extruder for printing ceramic materials, DELTAWASP is a real chance of working, a leap into the world of digital craft, with minimum energy consumption.

The revenue from the sale of solid printers is invested in the research and development of integrated projects aiming at a production revolution that could result in widespread prosperity. Research that advances hand in hand with eco-friendly, sustainable and functional materials and innovative systems. The projects so far realised by the group are 100% self-financed.
The aim of WASP is to build ‘zero-mile’ homes, using materials found on the surrounding area. A similar project requires that the machine be portable and features low energy consumption, since in large areas of the planet, there is no electricity at all. It must therefore be able to use renewable energies such as sun, wind and water. The twelve-meter-tall Big Delta that WASP has currently built can be assembled in about four hours by just four people and can be powered by a few meters of solar panels.

Our mission

3D printing is WASP’s heart since a small and fast printer that materialises objects made of bio-plastic, clay, silicone and biocompatible materials, which mills wood and aluminium, makes it easy to start mini-productions and to create what you need by yourself.
The power of money and finance is based on the monopoly of production capacity; the WASP project works to make it public, with a perspective of equal opportunities and equal knowledge, to free creativity and boost economy from the bottom.

The challenge then is to give everyone the chance to make their objects by downloading the project from the network or making their own. In this way a new concept of production is born, which reduces shipping costs and drastically reduces material wastage, thus slowing the increase of waste to be disposed of.
The Earth’s resources are not enough to support the existing population explosion and to change the growth models is no longer an option but rather an urgent need.
It is within this context that the WASP dream is found: print a healthy, beautiful and human-scale home with a cost that tends to be null. Inspired by the technique of mason wasps, the symbol of the group, the research is aimed at building a 3D printer to make clay houses. Earth is available everywhere in the world; it is cheap and easily malleable. Combined with other ‘zero-mile’ local materials, clay can create printed buildings that last in time, that adapt to the territory and that do not leave ruins behind once no longer used.
The possibility of a home for all is an essential building block to the creation of a horizon of equality and meritocracy, shared prosperity, the horizon toward which WASP projects converge.
We are dreamers. We are manufacturers. We are Makers. We start from 3D printing to save the world.

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