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Metronomino is a totally open source metronome based on the board Arduino UNO.
This device has a display and by a speaker and two LEDs you can hear and view the beats. This object is built because the passion of the autor for music and electronics but also for the pleasure to construct a totally personal object.
The functions of this instrument are the same of a commercial metronome then it can be used by musicians and by students to learn arduino functions such as millis() and use of timers. The housing of this device is a 3d printed box downloaded from Thingiverse and modified to fit my project


Pasquale Barrega, FabLabME

My name is Pasquale Barrega and my age is 34. I'm an electronic engineer specialized in microcontroller programming, precisely 8 16 and 32 bit microcontroller and lastly i have programmed ARM microcontrollers manufactured By ATMEL and ST but I know also Microchip microcontrollers with modified Harward architecture.
I'm a friendly person and I like dialogue. Since when I was a child I was curious in fact my toys were always dismantled to look inside them. In my toys basket it's easy to find many electric and electronic devices. This passion was transmitted from my father and when i grew up I started to read specialized electronic magazines then I've studied electronic and telecommunications at high school and finally I attended university of Messina for master degree in electronic engineering. Beside electronic, I have studied piano and I have these titles: solfeggio and theory licence, fifth year of piano, complementary harmony and story of music licences; but my job is electronic.
On sunday I play organ to animate the mass celebration in the church.

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