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iNvent-One  3D Printer
iNvent-One  3D Printer

iNvent-One 3D Printer

Invent - One is your professional 3D printer.
Discover your 3D prints perfection and one of the largest areas of work in a desktop printer ( 270x210x210 mm ) .
All guides slide on professional Hiwin guides while the Z axis moves on to ball screws to have a centesimal precision .
The XY axes are controlled by an innovative H - Bot system that gives speed, accuracy and compactness of dimensions .

iNvent-One  3D Printer

Luca Faggiotto

I love Design , I study Architecture at the IUAV university in Venice, I‘ve been working for many years with companies in the field of mechanical design. I grew up as a Maker , when I was a child I always brought with me my backpack with tools of the trade . Today this passion keeps pushing me to design and build 3D printers with a modern design with an above average quality .

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