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Orticale - orto verticale ruotante

Orticale - orto verticale ruotante

Orticale is a rotating vertical garden; multiplier productive space, zero water wastage, no barrier for disability, energy independence, ecological.

Orticale - orto verticale ruotante

Stefano Grillo e Elena Ruocco

Stefano Grillo :Inventor passionate as ever. Curious and researcher is ready to explore and understand how things work in each moment. He was working as a upholsterer , now retired , after years of activity during which he expressed his innate manual abilities with great skill. He includes various inventions and filed with 7 patents. The last of these is "Orticale" which was founded by his genius and collaboration and sharing with Elena.

Elena Ruocco: co-author of the project, from 15 years living abroad is cook by profession and works in organic food production. Her great passion for good food always brings to seek new sources of production .With this garden wants to share how is easy and possible home grown produce, and when it is accessible to all and at any age the pleasure of growing .

  B35 (pav. 6) - Stefano Grillo e Elena Ruocco

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