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A problem for every bar or pub is the time of realization of  drinks.
Because they need to take difference bottles, pour the contents into the glasses and mix everything.
Drink-one has been created to solve this problem, in fact it makes all these processes simultaneously, over a short period of time.

This project aims to prepare drinks more easily and faster; thanks to a highly interactive interface with 3 buttons and a display for the selection of the liquor from a list.

We have designed and built a complex electronically structure but at the same time simple and functional,
It includes: a printed circuit, a matrix board, 5 suction pumps, an lcd display and 3 buttons , interconnetted among them through a central unit managed by arduino which is located in the matrix Board.

We have chosen the use of arduino because it is most used platform for learning andbasic project management related to automation and electronics.

The operation can be summed up in 5 steps:

1. place the glass below the injector.

2. the available drinks will be seen on the lcd display, using the 3 buttons you can select the drink, scrolling back or forth in the menu.

3. after the selection of the beverage, arduino through our software activates the suction pumps for the appropriate number of seconds, enough to take the right amount of fluid necessary.

4. pumps are activated and aspire through tubes the liquid contained in 5 bottles positioned inside of the structure.

5. the 5 small tubes that collect the substance from bottles join in one tube that through an injector pour content into the glass.


Roberto Curto e Martina Bonaffini

I and martina are two guys of 17/18 years, live in Caltanissetta and frequenting the 5th year of Informatics and telecommunications of economic and technological Institute, Rapisardi-Da Vinci.
Both from about 3 years we cultivate passion for informatics and electronics and this prompted us to invent and realize a project to be presented at maker faire.

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