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Robot Umanoide Titanus
Robot Umanoide Titanus

Robot Umanoide Titanus

The first idea was to make a robot 55-60 cm size, for RoboCup soccer major, but for his ability he’s suitable for a didactic kit.
The robot has 20 degrees of freedom, obtained with digital servomotors. Supporting structure is composed with aluminum plates and 1 rotating joint for the ‘pelvis’.
The controller works with a 8-bit processor ATmega128, With this it is able to perform the basic movements and manage analog and digital sensors. Now we are working on the STM32F4 processor, to process images captured with a OV2640 camera.


Robot Umanoide Titanus

Elettra Robotics Lab

Elettra Robotics Lab is a non profit association of robotics enthusiasts . Was founded two years ago by A GROUP Of Makers What share this passion.

  C33 (pav. 5) - Elettra Robotics Lab

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