Exhibitors 2016



Robi is a baby robot that recognizes about 250 commands.
When he speaks his mouth lights up, his eyes change color and moves in a very natural and expressive.

Robi is an android that dances to the rhythm of music issued from a speaker inside.
Thanks to the sophisticated voice recognition system and to the answers, talk to the robots will be a natural experience. It works independently, without programming.
Anyone can interact with him, even children.

This robot is the first of a new generation of androids for families.


Patrizio Manfucci

Patrizio Manfucci, born in Rome in 1964, graduated in mechanical to ITIS G. Galilei is passionate about robotics and, as in the model, assembler of these two projects distributed by De Agostini. The patience of the collection and assembly of the two works, rewards the result

  C28 (pav. 5) - Patrizio Manfucci

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