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#Montessori 3D
#Montessori 3D

#Montessori 3D

#MONTESSORI3D is an educational project whose aim is to divulgate Montessorian approach through the realization of the specific educational tools with traditional and exponential technologies that minimize the cost of the product. In addition to this, the project includes an open-source platform where you can download available projects that you can realize on your own.

#Montessori 3D

Iliana Morelli

Driven by her passion, Iliana Morelli, created the #Montessori3D Project after a specialization in Educational Coordination of early Childhood Services with a focus on Montessorian pedagogy, and the birth of her 2 children. Her dream is to assist to the growth of every child in a educational and family contests that give them the possibility to develop their inner potetential.

  D18 (pav. 9) - Iliana Morelli

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