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LYT SONIC is a complete home alarm system embedded in a simple led light bulb.
The LYT Sonic’s core innovation is represented by the infrasonic detection technology, the new frontier in the security industry , whose development is being pioneered by few companies with still limited success.
The operating principle is quite straightforward: the air movement generated by opening, breaking, or flexing off doors and windows causes an infrasonic sound to occur, namely a characteristic low frequency sound that is below human hearing (below 20 Hz), with amplitude and frequency spectrum uncorrelated with standard urban sounds.
Besides, infrasounds are not directional, meaning that they spread out in all directions and can travel long distances, thus enabling large area monitoring with a single sensor.
This latter feature represents the main limiting factor of the few commercially available infrasonic devices, which can’t actually discriminate whether an infrasonic wave has been generated by a burglary attempt within the monitored house, or simply by the door’s opening of the closest neighbour.
We have overcome this pitfall thanks to the Authometion’s proprietary algorithm: this is able to pinpoint the source of the infrasound signal collected through the LYT SONIC infrasonic waves’ sensor and discriminate between false and true alarms.

Pietro Moscetta, Felice Nibaldi, Gary Gasbarri

Pietro Moscetta, full time CEO of Authometion. Pietro holds approx. 25 years of activity in HW, SW and FW developments especially for remote controlled devices.
Pietro has extensive experience in the design of microcontroller systems to collect data and signals from multiple sensors, and to process and transfer such data through any kind of wired (RS232, RS485, RS422) and wireless technology (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, Radio). The vast knowledge of hardware manufacturers, gained from 15+ years of negotiation and execution of distribution agreements for the Italian market, has allowed him to work always with the best cutting-edge technologies available in the market.
Pietro founded SYSMEDIA S.r.l. in 2000 (a Technology company) and has been leading the company as CEO so far. In addition, he has also been working for 23 years in the family business SYSTEA S.p.A. (a Technology company) as "Head of SW and HW R&D”.

Felice Nibaldi has supported Pietro Moscetta in the development of Authometion.
Felice holds 16 years of experience in designing, implementiation and marketing in the B2B market of complex ICT projects, primarily in Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence.
In 2006 Felice founded Efis Consulting srl, an ICT consulting company, together with other Partners.

Gary Gasbarri has supported Pietro Moscetta in the development of Authometion.
Gary is Business Development Director APAC at CNH Industrial, holds an MBA, and 15 years of experience in M&A, Business Development, and Strategic Planning. Gary has managed end-to-end corporate development projects from deal origination to execution, including market analysis, strategic due diligence, valuations, negotiation, and review of legal agreements.
Gary is also Partner and Mentor at iStarter, a business incubator/accelerator that provides initial capital and extensive coaching to investors and startuppers through a highly diversified network of young professionals and senior advisors.

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