Exhibitors 2016


Every single object, every piece of furniture by Cocò&Design, takes care of the children with harmonious shapes and “natural ingredients”.A keen sensitivity towards innovative materials, a careful assembly and entirely handmade features have created a new sparkling “biodesign” line for mothers and children. Cocò&Design combines ecology and ethical way of life which means doing business by respecting things, people and nature, defying the harsh laws of globalization.The products are made for people who love innovative design that is aesthetically pleasant and 100% made in Italy.The textile line was created to give the baby a soft embrace and every detail,from the padding up to the outer shell, has been carefully chosen putting the use of natural materials first.The furniture line “casacocò” is made of hemp panels with natural formaldehyde-free binder, non-toxic paints

architect designer Roberta Galantino

Bachelor's degree in Architecture at Polytechnic Milan University – 1998
Architect and Designer, planning supervision, yard safety in building.
Excellent communication skills, Strong management and organizational skills, Good decision-maker in architectural and design
planning branch. Originality, creativity, and style.

  C8 (pav. 9)
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