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Drawing Robot
Drawing Robot

Drawing Robot

The Drawing Robots are programmable rovers, able to draw geometric shapes, even complex ones, executing commands given with Snap4Arduino, where there are specific blocks for movement and design, eg.: forward 100mm, turn left 45°, pen up, pen down, etc.
This project was created for educational purposes, for learning the basics of programming (variables, loops, functions) by drawing a figure.

Drawing Robot

HackLab Terni

HackLab Terni is an open workshop devoted to electronics, science and art.
Among its aims are the diffusion of a creative use of technology and of the concepts of Free and Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware.
Active since 2011, it is a space to work on individual projects, or to collaborate on group projects with other members.
So far HackLab Terni made several projects in many fields, including robotics, projection mapping, interactive projections with Kinect, CNC machines, 3D printers, energy monitoring, augmented reality; it also worked on props for theater and reconstructions in the historic ramparts of the city.
Its projects, along with talks and workshops, were presented at public events in Terni, Rome, Milan, Pisa, Eboli.
An important activity of the association is also organizing electronics and programming courses for children and adults and workshops to promote the learning of basic skills, including CoderDojo and MakerDojo.

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