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Chess Automated
Chess Automated

Chess Automated

Presently, board games are neither interactive nor connected and hence they are losing their popularity throughout the world. Chess Automated is a completely automated device which can enable over 600 million chess lovers, including the 50,000+ people who are playing chess online at any given time globally, to play chess against a computer or even against a human opponent present at any place in the world via the internet on a tangible board. This devices is not only limited to chess, but can easily be expanded ​to other board games ​by simply replacing the top surface of the board​ and updating our App​.

Features of Chess Automated and they are as follows:

User vs Machine:-User can challenge the machine with 10 different difficulty levels and can also switch chess engines. Here, user will play normally on the board like on any other non-electronic chess boards but the opponents moves will be automated. The board thinks by itself and plays by itself.

User vs Distant opponent:- Two people at different location can play against each other on their own Chess Automated Boards via WiFi. Telepresence! Isn't it?

User vs Distant opponent on App:- If the user has a board but his friend does not, then the friend can play on the App while the user will respond on the board. This is how we bridge the virtual and real worlds.

View Chess Tournaments Live:- Imagine if Anand vs Carlsen is going on in Germany then you can watch the same game LIVE in real time on this tangible device. It acts like a stadium for chess.

Please have a look at this video ( https://youtu.be/9ngH0QZp9ec ), I hope you like it.

Chess Automated


Infivention is a Gaming company based in India. The founders of the company, Atur Mehta and Bhavya Gohil come from Electronics background.

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