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Robot Industriali antropomorfi
Robot Industriali antropomorfi

Robot Industriali antropomorfi

My project is anthropomorphic robot with six axes of freedom realized through 3D printing for storage , while the electronic control is based on the electronic board "Arduino One".
The robot is capable of handling a few hundred grams up to 300 mm away in a few hundredths of a second with an accuracy to the nearest tenth of a millimeter .
Programming can be done in two ways: manual through the attached controller or automatically through the PC or smartphone .
On the controller you can find a touch screen where you can check the coordinate values​​, check the status of progress of the program and all the information necessary to perform the job
the joystick and buttons are used to manually write a list of actions that will have to run the arm , you can choose to move each axis individually or simultaneously .
If you prefer you can use your smartphone as a robot controller .

Robot Industriali antropomorfi

Guido Silvi

I was born in Montecchio Emilia June 19, 1993 , I graduated as an expert mechatronic at the high school S. D' Arzo Montecchio Emilia with 80/100 vote .
Work in the workshop of a large industry producing industrial machinery such as palletizers and depalletizers for glass and bottling industry .
I have a passion for 3D printing and mechatronics in general .
My dream is to have my own company

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