Exhibitors 2016

Mobili Morbidi - Your accessible design tool

Our creative mind easily project itself to our surroundings, while the complexity in making furniture let us produce only proven designs. ‘Mobili Morbidi’ aims to be an easy and accessible design tool.
Its universal components are thought to be connected to reach targeted dimensions and color combinations. To study your design, you will be playing with 'Nano'. It's 1:5 scaled miniature with the same setup but only smaller. By sending your complete Nano work to the manufacturer, you will have the real furniture of your design delivered home.

Alessia & Co.

Alessia was a science student in Korea until she found a keen designer inside her heart.
She came to Italy to meet her creative mind. She studied industrial design in Milan and worked as a yacht designer for several years.

  A19 (pav. 8)
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