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Ball Matic
Ball Matic

Ball Matic

The project aim is the set up of a prototype, by means of a 3-D printer, for the industrial production of small food balls. The idea is to produce, in a limited amount of time, a large number of food balls, similar to caviar, with a wide range of components and ingredients. The activities so far were mainly devoted to find optimal recipes in terms of preservation, flavors, and manufacture.

Ball Matic

Classe: 3BC CHIMICA - Scuola: ITTS "A.Volta" - Perugia

The twenty students of the class 3 ^ AE of the ITTS "A. Volta", attend technical and industrial courses, specialising in chemistry,
They work as a group and are enthusiastic about the participation to this project. The activities involved the students both in the regular courses and outside the school time. The aims of the group are to participate to this international fair to promote their work, to find a sponsor or an industrial partnership for the patent.

  D37 (pav. 9) - ITTS "A. Volta" - Perugia (PG)

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