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MarlinKimbra and Flux Capacitor - Multicolor and multimaterial application

MarlinKimbra and Flux Capacitor - Multicolor and multimaterial application

"MarlinKimbra & MK4due" Project
This is a firmware derived from the "Marlin" original project and has become the most advanced and stable version available on the Web. Has an "open source license" and today it's one of the most used and common firmware on RepRap printers. The latest firmware developments allow ABL Management (Auto Bed Level), Mesh Bed Level, normal or CO2 laser with liquid cooling, hot Chamber on closed printers, wire diameter and material characteristics, Stop and Save and Restart (SSR), Nextion touch screen HMI display management. It is the only firmware that allows the management of multiple extruders with single nozzle and it's identified by the community as a "pilot project" for further development. The key thing is the continuous exchange of information with the Maker of each country that allows to implement their needs to enhance and empower their ideas.

"6 Ways Flux capacitor" Project
System with a 6 ways wire channeler that allows the replacement of the print material using a single nozzle and "parking areas" for "not in use" wires ..
Benefits are various, the extreme simplicity of installation is comparable to a single extruder system
No problems related to instability and difficulty of implementation of "multi nozzle systems".
Through the development of the firmware MarlinKimbra 4.2.dev, indispensable for the proper flux capacitor management, this project is a specific application linked to the firmware.
With an RFID reader system integrated, and simple commands from the printer LCD, allows to assign the essential parameters of various materials available to extruders, all automatically with simple reading of the RFID applied to the spools of materials.
Parameters such as; wire length, color, material density, operating temperature, brand, encoding and serial number, are only some of features assigned to materials.
The same RFid reader is also used to write data to Tag Rfid.
This solution optimize installation time of spools, print times and quality.

MarlinKimbra and Flux Capacitor - Multicolor and multimaterial application

Daniela Donigaglia, Davide Dalfiume, Alberto Cotonei

Real Open Source Makers

  A14 (pav. 8) - Immagina e Crea MarlinKimbra

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