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The series Mirim is an example of our research on the relationship between industrial design, parametric design and CNC machine. We aim at establishing a playful design-fabrication workflow to produce complex organic shaped pieces of furniture, based on clear two-dimensional elements. A specific algorithm decomposed the 3D object model into 2D silhouettes, which can be directly cut by a CNC mill and easily assembled. The method’s versatility allows the designer and the client to choose from an indefinite range of shapes and materials, ensuring a high degree of flexibility and customisation.


Tamandua - Ferdinand Schmelzer Letizia Martinelli

Tamandua is an urban, architecture and furniture design office based in Berlin. It was funded by Ferdinand Schmelzer in 2014 and joined by Letizia Martinelli in 2015. We are devoted to promote useful, affordable, sustainable design at all levels, one project at a time.
Ferdinand Schmelzer (Bonn, 1980): architect and designer, globetrotter, maker, with study and work experience in Germany, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Tunisia, Brazil. With long practice in architecture and urban design, he is also an expert in industrial and furniture design, with excellent building and construction skills, working with complex parametric geometry, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabrication and recycled materials. He has taken part in numerous design and art exhibitions with furniture and art installations.
Letizia Martinelli (Napoli, 1983): architect and researcher, ecologist, geek. Curious and restless, her professional and academic experience has been driven by the passion for sustainability, as an ethical principle as well as a practical inspiration. With a Ph.D. in Environmental Design, she has a strong interest for natural materials and her approach encompasses efficiency and rational use of resources as fundamental to the project.

  A20 (pav. 8) - Tamandua - Ferdinand Schmelzer Letizia Martinelli

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