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Agricoltua 2.0
Agricoltua 2.0

Agricoltua 2.0

Agricoltura 2.0 is a product that from the technique of aquaponics (fish and plant ecosystem) bring on the market a scalable business agriculture product with higher standard of quality. Non-migrating materials (food safety) in contact with water and plants, sensors to show all parameters of the nutrient and the ozone cycle. Digital agriculture from a remote system. The Aquaponics farming is 100% organic food production,based on the symbiosis of fishes and plants. The best and fasted way to grow high quality organic food. Agriculture2.0 enter the internet of things with a new healthy,100% organic food production 10 times faster than traditional agriculture.

Agricoltua 2.0

Davide Balbi ed il Team di Agricoltura 2.0

David Balbi - Project Manager at TIM (a world wide 100), Senior Consultant for Siebel (Nasdaq-500 fast growing company) and among other has Collaborated in Centrosolar and Energiebau in the renewables sector. A tireless worker, tenacious and persevering. As a coach, and corporate trainer, is firmly convinced that we can all change for the better, do more by getting better results .... "The first change should be within us" Ghandi. Happy with what he does and usually works while having fun in a passionate way. He has declared war to the burning of fossil fuels years ago, marrying environmental sustainability.
Medical experiences have led him to understand how to prevent, treat the causes rather than the symptoms is the solution to improve the quality of life in a natural way.

Jlenia Fortuna - Since 1994 experience for administrative purposes. He has experienced all stages of the birth of MondoMigliore and related companies. It manages the administration, pre + post sales of Fortune Renewables Srl. He is responsible for co-managing the company with me. The goal set is to transform the lead generation in customer satisfaction, making the company grow in a healthy and prosperous manner.
Aurora Spisani - Startupper for web projects and informaionz egiovanile with Italian governatve community, is executive assistant and coordinates the operations board.
Renzo Armellin - Engineer. Renzo is responsible for the electrical design of PV hybrid systems that allow the sun to power the aquaponics systems or greenhouses, with or without the national electricity grid operator.
Marialuisa Cinquerrui - Engineer. Marialuisa is responsible for the design and the digital management of web interface for sensors and home automation. All vital parameters of the plant are displayed on a dashboard for the conductor of the plants, while the home automation, provides to a minimum human intervention for the management of the plant.
Parco Tecnologico Padano - operational headquarters. We work on genomic analysis of bacterial populations. The close collaboration established by incubation of enterprise continues to provide customers with the aquaponics.

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