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Angela Conte Design
Angela Conte Design

Angela Conte Design

ConteProgetto opens the doors of Bottega Artigiana 2.0 SUA to power in 2014 after getting experienced and created objects with materials and innovative techniques for about five years.
Angela Conte, the heart and soul of Count Project, Si and Formed by himself for daring life to HIS handicraft shop. Today uses Materials Important come plexiglass IL, Wood and cellulose acetate and quality fabrics.
Crossing the threshold of the shop ITS gets the impression of Getting into a little fairy world with many creations Original: Jewelry Unique and Very colorful, elaborate objects and customizable.
Last Success an international level, A splendid HIS Creation plexiglass, which represents the Musmeci Bridge Power, Has Been Presented at Expo 2015 in Milan coming handicraft symbol Lucan What Innova projecting into the future.
To indole, Angela Conte Combines Innovation a Tradition Thanks to Machinery New Generation Materials and AI ever, came the wood. And it is specialized in 3D modeling and wants to continue to experiment. He sees the future in New Collaborations, networks with other artisans and many new features.
Many materials, many processes but a single hand. To Angela and HIS Count Project!

Angela Conte Design

Angela Conte, Marco Guglielmi

Born in Potenza in 1983 , it is defined as a creative person and very sensitive to art . He graduated at the ' Art Institute of Potenza, dove acquires awareness of their capacity manuals . The completed Advanced Studies he enrolled at the University , while a bit ' to bet , a bit ' for fun is dedicated to the creation of accessories , handbags and jewelry From Line Young and cheerful . His " Petite Jolie " express creativity and vibrancy Unmistakable and give a touch of originality to a quality crafts .
qualifications :

3D digital modeling Through 3DS Max 2013 Professional.

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