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Italrobot is characterized by:
Ease of assembly, electronics -based Arduino open source
Connected via Bluetooth, Mobile App, Support Portal.
The app allows you to teach coding even the youngest children, will have to prepare sequences of commands of increasing complexity. Create infinite modular formats from wooden tiles paths.
Robotics coding and social education, using the robot to learn and apply the coding of social problems ( road Education , Alternative energy, ecology, mathematics and numbers, alphabet, Botany, Food)

Emiliano Gatti, Fabio Ferrarini, Paolo Cirinei

Emiliano Gatti
IT engineer , maker , web designer , devloper ( JAVA and PHP ) : Expert/Teacher : In Technology , Arduino , Mobile cross-platform web application , open source frameworks . President of italmaker that deals with training on technologies for kids 6-14 years , event organizer italmakershow 2016 at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome.
Web site: www.italmaker.it

  C20 (pav. 5)
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