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The Turtle Project
The Turtle Project

The Turtle Project

A common injury in tortoises is the wound in the limbs caused by the bites of mice and rats, very common especially during hibernation. When this wound is not treated promptly can lead to loss of limbs themselves.
A turtle without limbs is no longer able to move, or does so with great difficulty. This results in a drastic reduction in life.
The purpose of the project is to provide a modular prosthesis that allows the turtle to walk, can be easily adapted to any turtle and, therefore, salable on a large scale.

The Turtle Project

Diana Branca / Massimo Mostosi

Diana Branca: I'm keen of art and technology, after many experiences like 3d courses, the frequency of an year to the Academy of art (painting), a school of comics, animation's course and so forth, I've found my true calling with digital sculpture and traditional. Then I join the digital sculpture to the 3d printing.

Massimo Mostosi, businessman, is working in the web industry and new technologies for 20 years. Curious and attracted by the new technologies, he approaches the world of 3D printing and falls in love immediately. Projects like "The turtle project" allow him to combine a passion for the work to the creativity and technological innovation.

  A12 (pav. 6)
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