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BOAR-D  Wakeskate magnetici
BOAR-D  Wakeskate magnetici

BOAR-D Wakeskate magnetici

I have realized a magnetic wakeskate that can be used in water, eliminating many of the problems of danger that the board can cause , and greatly reducing the risk of breakage of the bones and ligaments of the knee of the rider .
The product has been tested and people really like it, the usability is twofold , with your shoes, the boards remains binding at the rider, without, is used as a normal board.
The same system can be moved on all types of water sports " wakeskate , Kitesurf , Surf , Wakeboard , etc. . etc.".
The product is made entirely in Italy .

BOAR-D  Wakeskate magnetici

Massimo Pozzi

Massimo Pozzi
Born in Milan in June 7, 1970 .
sales agent
practice water sports when I'm 15

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