Exhibitors 2016



Interactive lamp to teach children RGB colours and shapes, and to overcome their fear of darkness.
Our lamp has 3 different types of use which depend on the face that is left over.

1 free game
- Child, playing free game, can change the colors molds as he want to discover and learn new colours or to create his personal mood.

2 guided game
- Child has to push the central button and the lamp will light with a random color. After that he has to position the color molds correctly to recreate the correct color.

3 night light
- When you turn Rollover on the side the suffused night light indicate that’s time to go to bed.
This light will calm kids and help them falling asleep. It is useful for orientation in the dark and to create an atmosphere reassuring and serene.


Antonelli, Bertolli, Pennati, Pettinaroli

We are four students, studying in IED (European Institute of Design), coming from different places and with different habits. We have found a common passion for design, graphic and technology in particular.
Antonelli Michele “I have decided to study product design in IED after 2 years of Economy & Management because creativity and ideation of facilitations for humanity have always been my best skills”
Bertolli Riccardo “after my graduation as geometra (quantity surveyor) I’ve decided to study product design cause my grandfather was a designer, and since I was young I’ve lived in close contact with this job”
Pennati Paolo “I started to study product design after 2 years of mechanical engineering, I fell in love with that and now I’m trying to reconcile the creative part with the mechanical knowledge”
Pettinaroli Matteo “after graduating in mechanic I decided to study product design because I realized how man can benefit from that and from industrial product”

  D17 (pav. 10)
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