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Around Park

Around Park

An innovative bicycle stand which substitute the traditional padlock, guaranteeing a total security of the vehicle.
All of that is possible just because of the electronics and mechanics fusion that can shape a security system already present in the place where you want park.
This special product allows us to arrange the bicycle in the place and to spring 3 security system that protect it.
When the vehicle is arranged the system can intercept that there is a bicycle and after that you can pass your own key above the specific screen in order to get possible to unhook the cable, which pass through the rear part of the bicycle frame and then it reconnects itself to the device. When the cable is connected, the system is able to intercept it through some buttons which are automatically pressed after the closure of the bicycle, then the closure system locks the cable and the coil.
At this moment the electronics security system intervenes, and working with the mechanical once, employs a pressure towards the floor (20/30 kg), in order to fix the bike to the ground. Using this way of employing pressure to the ground, even the wheels can’t be stolen.
The cable that we used is formed of a specific steel aisi314 ( the same that is used to lift up ships) and so it can’t be cut by a common cutters, however there is always the possibility of heavier instrument, like the portable angle grinder that with the right disk can cut every material.
If a thief try to cut the cable with a cutter, in addition to the impossible tampering because of the structure of the cable, spring into action 3 alarm even before the cut take place: once auditory ( an alarm which is about 70-80db) and once visual ( through an illuminator situated in the post), if the thief used a angle grinder instead he overcomes the third security layer and so he makes spring first the 2 previous alarms and then even a third. The third one films the theft and takes also a photo of the thief’s face which is sent straight to our servers, then if the theft is confirmed, the photo is sent also to the police.
In order to guarantee the post for the user, we have also created an App that is able to see the available and occupied posts, and it has been also introduced the opportunity of reserve the post. The product will be available for the users installing a lot of posts in the city and to use it, the consumer had to sign up, because with the registration the user can have a monthly subscription whose cost is about 3/4 €. This security system has already been patented and it has already been presented at the national fair promoted by Junior achievement, where it have won the “Innovation award” delivered by the salesman of FedEx as the most innovative product in Italy.
If you want more info and photos check our Internet site ww.lockaround.it or our facebook page: “ Lock Around”.

Around Park

Lock Around

Michele Munaretto was born in 22nd of February 1997 in Vicenza, since he was a child he grow up his love for the inventions, radio model building and motorcycling. When he was 14 years old he built his first radio-controlled drone, at the age of 18 he found out his passion for enterpreneurship and he started to study by himself through books and meeting of industry experts. He decided to employ everything he had been enthusiasted of, in order to create a real company. Thanks to the contest “Impresa in azione” he created “ Lock Around”, gathering the most talented students for each industry of his school, in order to achieve a new security system for bicycles. In 6 months, he and his team, have been able to produce a first experimental prototype that bring the firm to win the “Innovation award” at the Biz Factory in Milan, even if he had the final exam which have prevented the complet focus on his project. Now that he have finished the school, is ready to create his own firm since the great success that the product had after the first presentation.

Brocca Francesco was born in 04/11/1999, and he always loved electronics. Joining some competitions he won the prize "Best use of electronic devices and sensors" in Robocup Dance Junior Italy, and the third place in the Youth Robotic International Challenge, creative contest. Loving programming and electronics he join Michele Munaretto and his team to realize the bicycle holder of the future.

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