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R.M.M.  Reciecled Materials a way to the Moon
R.M.M.  Reciecled Materials a way to the Moon

R.M.M. Reciecled Materials a way to the Moon

R.M.M. is a game made by young INCLUDE makers http://include-edu.blogspot.gr/. R.M.M. engages kids to develop ideas that can solve a fairy tale and make their own toys. The general spirit of Makers is “used” from INCLUDE as a tool to bring children with special educational needs and typical children together.

The makers are given a fairy tale in which they have to solve a problem. The problem is they have to find a way to go to the moon. In order to find the solution they have to create constructions with recycled materials in order to reach the surface of the moon. The game they made consists of a launcher, made out of wood, and a small moon, made out of recycled materials. Crafts, made of recycled materials can be shot to the “moon”.
The launcher as stated above is made out of wood. It consists of 2 main parts, a "bed", where the crafts will rest, and a frame. The "bed" is made of a 200mm x 90mm piece of wood and on 90° there is a 90mm by 90mm wood attached to it. The frame is a 790mm by 90mm wood and on each side there are wood pieces of 90mm high. The "bed" is attached to the frame with rubber bands so that it can shoot. The whole construction has dimensions of 790mm by 180mm by 120mm. The "moon" is made out of recycled materials and it has light inside, it will be hanged.

This game will be presented in the MAKER FAIRE ROME by INCLUDE Makers as an interactive workshop where the visitors can follow the whole process.

R.M.M.  Reciecled Materials a way to the Moon


Dr. Andromachi Nanou: Special Educator - Inclusive education researcher. She studied Psychology and Education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and received her PhD in the field of early intervention in inclusive settings. She works at the National State Centre of Differential Diagnosis and Support for SEN Students and Families in Thessaloniki and she is postgraduate supervisor in the European University of Cyprus. She is the chairwoman of “INCLUDE” and the Head of the Department of Special and Inclusive Education Research. She has participated in several research projects directed of the Hellenic Pedagogical Institute of the Greek Ministry of Education. Her research and publications focuses on early intervention, inclusive policy for SEN children and Families. She is the head of the Inclusive Program “together in the neighborhood” for SEN and typical children and their families. She also is the editor of Grundtvig Partnership material” TPT, Train SEN parents and teachers for refreshment”.

Panagiotou Georgia: Is a psycho pedagogue. She studied in the Faculty of Early Childhood Education and in the faculty of Philologist in AUTH. She has a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing. She works as a Preschool teacher and she is a member of INCLUDE

Mr. Michalis Kalliris: Mechanical Engineer student. He is studying at Coventry University in the United Kingdom. He is a member of Scientific team of “Include” and the engineer of the organization. He has a lot of personal and in-group projects, some inspired by make: magazine, others by real life needs and some were mandatory parts of subjects in the university. Some examples include a mouse that vibrates on right click, a cannon powered by a spring, a 30g bridge that could withstand a 1kg weight (first year mandatory group challenge).

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