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Re-Renaissance Man
Re-Renaissance Man

Re-Renaissance Man

Papercrafting is a quick and viable way to bring 3d models from our screens into the real world. This is an educational learning, as one must computer model in 3d space, then unfold the model back onto a 2d plane, then print on paper or card and rebuild the model in all its 3d glory. The possibilities really are endless. Examples of how these models can be used to create solid objects will be on display.
This Project is a fun way to get children interested in learning about spatial relations.
Michelangelo David masterpieces is recreated to stand 2m in height with approximately 700 polygons. These statue will blow peoples minds away and hopefully spark peoples minds, to create there own models.

Re-Renaissance Man


My name is Brian and I have always loved to make things that bring people happiness. I am a qualified Engineer and I spend most of my time designing, inventing and creating objects for everyday happiness.
What started out as a pet project back in 2015 to make a paper pet chimp, just grew and grew. Where I now run paperpetshop which offers people to instantly download and make your own papercraft pets.

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