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ICHEA - Immersive arCHeological Experience with 3D-rendered Artworks

ICHEA - Immersive arCHeological Experience with 3D-rendered Artworks

Immersive Archeological Experience with 3D-rendered Artworks

There are numerous scientific studies indicating that the deepening of understanding and the growth of the knowledge of the information and data passes through the tactile exploration. This is the premise to build new forms of use and enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

We believe that the opportunity to make tangible the experience of artistic enjoyment, through the 3D printing of cultural heritage artifacts, aids to make it more real and memorable. The ICHEA project (Immersive Archeological Experience with 3D-rendered Artworks) focuses on the representation of spaces of the past as interactive learning environments for knowledge of ancient civilizations, through the tactile exploration and "immersive" experience. The interactivity stimulates the interest in the discovery of knowledge that most often are intended to intangible stories or enclosed in inaccessible glass showcases, mostly in younger people.
The opportunity of "being there" in a past time thanks to the 3D rendering, even if in an ironic way, breaks the barrier between past and present.

The Suor Orsola Benincasa University has a long tradition in the field of Education and Cultural Heritage. At the Maker Faire, through the ICHEA project, one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe in the Middle Ages where the Suor Orsola archeologists work, that of San Vincenzo al Volturno, is represented.
Thanks to the excavation and finds, the researchers have reconstructed a slice of life defined "The last dinner of the monk", a moment of the monastic life in the instant before the Abbey of San Vincenzo was destroyed. Based on archaeological finds, the researchers of the University Research Center "Scienza Nuova" in the context of the project ICHEA take care of the 3D design and modeling of the same environment.

ICHEA - Immersive arCHeological Experience with 3D-rendered Artworks

Centro di Progettazione e di Ricerca interdipartimentale di Ateneo "Scienza Nuova"

The “Scienza Nuova” integrated laboratory of innovative technologies for the social sciences of University “Suor Orsola Benincasa” in Naples has the aim of bringing the most advanced experiences of the development of science and technology to the world of humanistic knowledge, believing that the profound social and cultural changes as well as the horizon of technological solutions need the vision of the humanists.
The mission of Scienza Nuova is inspired by the vision of Gian Battista Vico expressed in its “Scienza Nuova” work, published in the early 1700. In an age when Naples played a key role in the innovation panorama, Vico drew the basic lines of a research program in which man is not considered as merely biological entity but as the results of his actions and social relations.

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