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Robin: an interactive intelligent robotic system
Robin: an interactive intelligent robotic system

Robin: an interactive intelligent robotic system

The Planning and Scheduling Technology (PST) Lab has been founded in 1997 as a research group focused on automated and interactive techniques for planning problems. We have obtained results on specialized constraint reasoning, (meta) heuristics for scheduling, mixed-initiative problem solving, timeline-based planning. In recent years, we have broadened our research interests toward new areas thus acquiring competences in robotics, ambient assisted living, cognitive systems for training, and health systems for aging well. In the ambient assisted living, one of the main successful project is GiraffPlus. This project finished in 2014. At the end of the project, we have added more robot functionalities such as the possibility for the human user to interact with the Giraff robot through gesture and voice commands and to keep in touch with caregivers through message and calls realized using the robot itself. We will show the resulting interactive intelligent system.

Robin: an interactive intelligent robotic system

Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Andrea Orlandini, Alessandra Sorrentino, Giulio Bernardi

Amedeo Cesta, team leader, phd
Amedeo Cesta is a senior research scientist in Artificial Intelligence at CNR and Group Lead at ISTC. He has founded and currently coordinates activities of the Laboratory on Planning and Scheduling Technologies (PST). He has conducted research in several AI areas like Multi-Agent Systems, Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction, Planning & Scheduling and always pursued the synthesis of innovative Decision Support Systems. His work focuses on the integration of planning and scheduling in software architectures and his work in Artificial Intelligence also emphasizes the real-world aspects of automated reasoning. He is currently exploring the integration of planning and scheduling techniques in new applicative areas (e.g., crisis managers training) and the synthesis of new cognitive aids for old people by integrating ICTs and robotics.

Gabriella Cortellessa, phd
Gabriella Cortellessa is a Research Scientist at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC-CNR). She has been part of the CNR team that worked with ESA for ten years and developed the interaction module of several deployed systems. Her research interests span on Mixed-Initiative Problem Solving, Methods for Evaluating Intelligent System features, Human Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction. She has been involved in the user evaluation of new robotic technology in RoboCare and, currently, in ExCITE. She has been work-package leader in PANDORA, working on user modeling and engagement monitoring for interactive crisis training and PI for CNR in Giraff+ where she acted as project technical manager and also work on personalized monitoring technology for old people.

Andrea Orlandini, phd
Andrea Orlandini is a Researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC-CNR).He is currently working within the Planning and Scheduling Team at ISTC-CNR, studying temporal plan validation and execution problem in research projects. is main research interests are on automated planning and model-based robot control. He was WP Leader of the "User requirements analysis and functional specifications" within the "Combining social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living" (Giraff+) project He is also leading the RTD activities on Context Recognition and Capability Assessment within the "Factory of the Future" Flagship Project Framework, in the "Generic Evolutionary Control Knowledge-based mOdule" (GECKO) project, funded by the ItalianResearch Ministry (MIUR).
Alessandra Sorrentino, B.Sc.
Giulio Bernardi, B.Sc.

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