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Peltier Jacket

Peltier Jacket

A jacket that will keep you cold during the warm summer days and keep you pleasantly toasty during the cold winter nights. Waterproof, self contained and smart. This is the jacket of the future. All this is achieved through the use of Peltier modules for both cooling, heating and generating electricity.

Peltier Jacket

Kristjan Variksoo, Jako Aimsalu, Urmas Luhaäär


We are an Estonian robotics team from the small village of Rakke that has participated in a number different robotics and science competitions (FIRST Lego League Open Championships 2016 Tenerife, Robotex, Tartu Mini Maker Faire, Bright Minds, ...).
Kristjan is the team leader and the creative mastermind behind the project. Urmas is a physics enthusiast who did the calculations. Jako is the young engineer who designed the prototype.

  B11 (pav. 9) - Rakke Lower Secondary School - Rakke (Estonia)

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