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HelmTech is a project from the class V C ITIS "E. Fermi" of Rome. Born from the minds of CiFermi group. HelmTech is a service that offers the ability to customize your helmet, bike or motorcycle, applying a range of gadgets that we propose.
HelmTech, riding for new sensations!
HelmTech motorcycle-scooter is designed to solve problems and increase the comfort of driving on motorcycles and scooters. Its innovative functions will revolutionize your driving sensations without putting at risk your safety.
Among the functions that integrate we include:
Direction indicators integrated in the helmet, pilot wi-fi from the handlebars, to increase driver safety (controlled by Arduino).
high brightness torch to facilitate the driver in low light conditions.
solar panel for recharging the integrated devices and charge your cell phone.
Bluetooth Communicator to receive calls and listen to maps while driving.
More gadgets.


V C ITIS "E. Fermi", Roma

We are a group of students ITIS Fermi in Rome who designed a motorcycle helmet full of electronic gadgets .

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