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eHos - Smart Hospitals with Internet of Things

eHos - Smart Hospitals with Internet of Things

Have you ever been in a hospital? If so, the first impression is disorientation, anxiety (including the reason of visiting) and need to seek help.

With the emerging technology of Internet of Things, it is possible to overcome these problems and receive an excellent service in a calm, visitor friendly environment. What we've started implementing is a Smart Platform that amongst others :

1) offers navigation information while in the hospital
(position, previous, next corridors and directions to your destination)
2) ability to arrange doctor's visit without having to wait at long queues
3) waiting queue management
4) For doctors : easy display of patients visits plan (daily, weekly, etc.), real time display where the patient is, shift management e.t.c.
5) patients results display
6) payment options
7) substantial energy saving
8) and many other services that should have already been offered.

The above system offers substantial advantages such as :

quality services for all parties (visitors, patients, doctors and other personnel)
substantial savings for all hospitals
increase of productivity

eHos - Smart Hospitals with Internet of Things

2nd Epal Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Leonidas Papadakis is an enthusiast IT engineer and high school teacher. Member of various communities like art and open source software he is constantly in quest to combine various scientific and artistic fields alongside modern learning theories. His greatest expectation is to open his students’ minds and make them innovate in every aspect of their lives.

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