Exhibitors 2016



The average water consumption for the production of beef on a global scale is 6.6 times higher than the corresponding for the production of soy protein.
Moreover, the production of meat is responsible for the 18% of the annual global greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire emissions of the land, sea and air transport sector, that emitting 13%.
Products based on plant proteins such as meat substitutes, form a sustainable food source than meat.
People are interested in products based on vegetable that can replicate the meat in terms of texture, taste, color and smell.
MeatBot is a prototype of a desktop machine that through the application of shear forces and controlled temperatures on a vegetable protein-based dough, can produce meat alternative with fibrous texture.


Andrea Radaelli, Luca Radaelli, Giorgio Cadioli

An heterogeneous team, passionate for Food Technology who has decided to develop an ambicious project together.

  A24 (pav. 6)
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