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Genesis Soccer
Genesis Soccer

Genesis Soccer

Robots and artificial intelligence: These elements are sufficient for a good sci-fy novel, but this is pure reality. Our robots, in fact, are not driven by any specific algorithm, but each of them has a real brain simulated by software. These robots at the beginning did not even move, it was a natural selection, simulated by software, to choose from time to time the best individuals who then gave birth to subsequent generations, up to arrive to these robots that now are even able to play football!

Genesis Soccer

Liceo Scientifico Statale "E. Boggio Lera" - Catania: Team di Robotica

We are a large group of students of Liceo "E.Boggio Lera" Catania; all of us share passion for robotic and we are a very cohesive group. We have participated at several contest and event about robotic and informatic for lots of years with great results.
This year, we decided to found a little group that is very interested and that have lots of passion for this things, so we thought to found a real research group: We want focus on artificial intelligence specifically in robot agents that could learn in autonomy how cooperate to reach specific goals.

  A6 (pav. 9) - Liceo "Boggio Lera" - Catania (CT)

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