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Hi-Storia Labs Giulianova

Hi-Storia Labs Giulianova is a student workshop direct to the production of a tactile and interactive audioguide, which reproduces a monument set in the school’s city. Students got involved in content editing, trail recording, 3D modeling and 3D printing, programming with Arduino and coding. The interactive device is accessible also to blind people thanks to capacitive sensing on the surface and it’s released under Creative Commons licence. It’s an inter-disciplinary workshop which involves several subject matters, such as science, geometry, physics, history, literature, arts and foreign languages.

Hi-Storia Labs Giulianova

3F e 3G del Liceo Statale "M.Curie" di Giulianova (TE)

The working group is formed of two classes at third year in foreign languages at "M. Curie" high school.

  C3 (pav. 9) - Liceo "M. Curie" - Giulianova (TE)

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