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A home-care robot for monitoring and detection of critical situations, developed to improve quality of life of patients potentially at risk, like elderly or impared people alone at home, and also to reduce costs of home care- systems. ECG and the 3 spatial accelerating are detected by means of a not invasive nor uncomfortable sensor on the chest, and bluetooth transmitted to the robot, who is equipped with special purpose developed software able to detect falls as well as apneas (also through sinusal arrhythmia) and to interview the observed subject in case of potential danger. If no satisfactory answer is obtained, the robot calls the remote human operator allowing her/him to inspect the cared, through its eyes and movement, in order to help her/him to decide the proper recovery strategy among the possible ones, including asking somebody close, already aware of such possibility and trained, or sending the closest available professional help.


Diego Liberati, with Luigi del Re, head of mechatronics @ Linz University & coworkers

Diego is the CNR research director for information control and biomedical engineering @ Politecnico di Milano university.

Pupil of Emanuele Biondi, Larry Stark, in turn pupil of Norbert Wiener, and a few of their disciples, he mentored dozens of bright pupils like Cesare Alippi –full professor at Politecnico di Milano in Lecco - even beyond their Ph.D

Head of information & control 4 systems biology within the systems & control technolgies project led by Roberto Tempo - past president of the IEEE Control systems society: among diego’s scientific associates is the cybernetician Giancarlo Mauri, pupil of the late Gianni degli antoni & director of the information, systems and communication department @ Università di Milano Bicocca, were diego has also been head of virtual biophysics lab within the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)

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