Exhibitors 2016

"HOLDON" - Hold on to your life

Holdon, Device for the functional rehabilitation of the upper limb.

Millions of people around the world have been affected by Stroke, many of them are giving up the rehabilitation process when they still can get better.
Holdon meets the needs of the person, both functional and emotional, encouraging not to abandon the rehabilitation by immediate feedback and functional activity.

It is an electro-stimulation system consisting of an elegant wearable splint for the affected hand and a control glove for the unaffected hand. The splint, thanks to 3D scanning of a hand and the SLS printing technology, ensures the perfect sizing and custom location of the electrodes.

Both elements are designed to ensure their independence while dressing and using the device.

Alexande Shusmky

Alexander was born in Ukraine in 1987
Finished a artistic high school in 2006
Since 2010 lives in Italy
Graduated in bachelor degree in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano university in 2016.

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