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Wenda - expanding the wine experience
Wenda - expanding the wine experience

Wenda - expanding the wine experience

Wenda s.r.l. has many solutions in its product portfolio, yet Wenda's most important innovation is:
App, Web Platform and an electronic IoT Device integrated in a one-touch-point solution: the device securely fastened to the bottle, monitors and collect the technical parameters, protects from counterfeiting, and expands the horizons of smart communication. Unlike other innovative solutions based on identification and communication only, it directly provides a comprehensive story of the bottle to whoever should conserve prestigious wine bottles, transport them, and receive significant and emotional information about them.
Different possible solution configurations.

Wenda - expanding the wine experience

Antonio Catapano, Mattia Nanetti, Guido Rossi, Anna Chiara Forni

The overall meaning of the project has been found creating a team based on expert and seasoned engineers, information technology professionals with a long term experience and yet – at the same time – a quite modern state- of-the-art awareness, young and extremely active students with open and determined eyes on their future, their dedicated professors and their valuable universities, other young startup companies with brilliant ideas in terms of corporate image and multimedia communication, agribusiness marketing agencies, architects, design companies, electronic manufacturers, experts on patents; basically whoever had good ideas and complementary competences, a proactive approach and an extremely developed and productive team spirit.

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