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Lamplants is a designer lamp inside which ornamental plants or herbs and vegetables are grown. The challenge of lamplants is to grow any desired plant inside the lamp and to ensure their survival with the lowest level of care from the user. In order to achieve this objective the plants are grown in the total absence of soil (hydroponic cultivation). In this way no insects are attracted and a micro control system based on Arduino handles the different variables that allow the growth of the plants. The micro controller manages the flow of water, carbon dioxide, lighting and temperature. Further, by combining the three primary colors, tricolor strips of LED ensure the right amount of light to each species of plant. The lamp is completely 3D printed by additive technique.
Currently our project provides two types of Lamplants: the first, uses plants from the Photos and Aloe species to obtain a purified environment and to restore the balance of moisture in the air. The second uses herbs such as thyme, rosemary, marjoram, etc. useful not only in the culinary field, but also for therapeutic purposes. Both types of Lamplants combine efficiency and aesthetics.


Tech Team srl & Dmake

Tech Team Srl was born in August 2013 to the initiative of two specialized in Heidelberg prepress technicians after twenty years of experience in the industry, combine their expertise and create a new business for the sale of 3D printed objects

dMake, based in Rome since 2014, is an open place to interaction between multiple disciplines and contamination to outside influence . Our works explore the boundary between design, art and new technologies in the belief that an interdisciplinary approach is the substance for change.

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