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Small décor design objects, developed with CAD/CAM software and CNC machine.
NONEON Lamps require no hardware or glue to assemble thanks to their interlocking system. The interlocking system design provides flexibility in changing shape, materials, colors and shadow / light effect. Our Lamps give a dynamic and personal approach on décor design.
Noneon project was born for fun and for the love of design for everybody with the support of 10 years experience of artisanal craftsmanship.



I was born in Rome, and I'm 36. In 2005 I've started my training in the wood working. After I had the chance to approach the CNC tecnology for wood. Then arrived love for design and the experiments with machines, drawings and stuff... I spend my spare time reeding, writing, playing drums and allowing my son to make a fool of me. I'm Fabio Di Giovanni, Maker by chance.

  D23 (pav. 10) - NONEON

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