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Robotic Hand
Robotic Hand

Robotic Hand

Our robotic hand works with a Voice control.
The robotic hand consists in 52 pieces that have been printed by the 3D printer, made out of ABS material (plastic that melts at 240-250 degrees).
For the fingers action we used 5 actuators Futaba S 3003; a Futaba S 3003 actuator for the wrist, a Futaba Maxi (with a 720 degree race) for the biceps and a Futaba Maxi (with a 180 degree race) for the shoulder. In order to control how hard the hand tightens, we put pressure sensors on every finger. These are made out of antistatic sponge, because its material has a special electric resistance that changes when pressed. This difference of electric resistance is read by the pins for the Arduino Uno's (controller) analogical entries.
For the transmission of Movement from the actuators to the fingers, we use fishing thread because it has a better traction resistance.
For the hand control we use Arduino Uno controller powered by USB laptop and for the actuator's power we use a separate source: a 4 rechargeable NiMh pack a 1.2 V 2500 mAh .
In order to connect the arm to the forearm we used a M8 screw with self-locking nuts.
We used for controlling the MYROBOTLAB software that runs in Arduino and Python.

Robotic Hand

Tehnical College "Gheorghe Cartianu” Piatra-Neamț, Romania, Airplane Club of Technical College ”Gheorghe Cartianu”, students of class 10G.

Autors, students Nedelcu Alexandru-Constantin, Miron Andrei-Răzvan, Tehnical College, "Gheorghe Cartianu” Piatra-Neamț, class 10G, group: Airplane Club of Technical College ”Gheorghe Cartianu”, coordonated by Nedelcu Constantin and Salaru Constanta

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