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Copernico PhyLab is an open-source, modular system; it makes laboratory experience more interesting simplifying the understanding of science and physics.
at created for school laboratories; it collects and processes experimental data at an incredibly high rate, makes plots and sends them to connected smartphones and other devices. It is composed of a series of collecting-transmitting Arduino-based units equipped with sensors; these deliver the data to the RaspberryPI-based central unit that produces real-time plots.
This system collects different types of data ( temperature, humidity, speed…).


Michele Lizzit, Daniele Toppano, Marco Ferrari

We are a group of 3 students from Liceo Scientifico N. Copernico in Udine.
During our first year of high school, we developed and presented in many events "CopernicoDrin", an open-source system that allows the management of school bells, placed in different locations, through Internet.
In the second year, we started a more advanced and challenging project: PhyLab 2.0. During this summer, we created more interactive new experiments and re-coded the project in order to improve it and added many other functions and the possibility to acquire data at an higher rate.

  C35 (pav. 9)
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