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Barsa design
Barsa design

Barsa design

Barsa is a jewelery brand where every original part is printed in 3d technology, following all the process from conception to production and finishing
Barsa is a place where the manifacture meet the latest digital technology.
The attention for details and the passion for design become an image contaminate by architecture and by nature that express his power in the geometry of models
In Barsa design drawing means moving the deepest part of ourself in a real model, like an Hybrid language of creativity, technology and handcraft.

Barsa design

Sara Barroccu

Sara Barroccu is an interior architect of Olbia, born in 1983, he graduated at the Faculty of Architecture Vallegiulia, University of Rome La Sapienza.
After the experience in architectural's study, out of curiosity, he has embarked on a new adventure in the fantasy world of 3D printing technology, winning awards at national level.
She works in Rome. "I and the 3D printer in the car, we did kilometers together, she always by my side, with seat belt fastened."

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