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Vocal Trainer
Vocal Trainer

Vocal Trainer

Today, in fitness clubs, training devices are lacking of accessibility: screens are too small, not enough light or contrast, keys are too small and not readable, flat keyboards,...
To overcome these issues, the idea is to command these devices (like a treadmill) using the voice, through an earplug or similar device.

The project aims to replace completely the console with voice enabled interactions.
The "Vocal Trainer" can give basic information like distance or speed, as a response to "get distance" or "get speed".
The user can command the treadmill with : "speed up", "speed down", "stop",...

The "Vocal Trainer" is hacking into the keyboard of the training device; it makes the appropriate contacts to replace physical key presses. The keyboard remains usable for any normal person.
By using this approach, it can be installed on any training device.

Vocal Trainer

Laurent Ernes, Nicolas Dewalque, Olivier de Schutter

Laurent Ernes: Engineer, specialized in human-machine interaction and passionate about new technologies.
Nicolas Dewalque: Visual impaired athlete, born with aniridia which is a rare genetic disease that means he doesn’t have any iris in his eyes and his vision is pretty trouble.
Olivier de Schutter: Young entrepreneur in humanitarian projects, comes from a biking family and sport has always been very present in his life.

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