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Urbike is a smart sharing and locking system for bicycles that allows the cyclists to park everywhere in the city. Urbike smartphone app achieves user identification and allows to search for the nearest available bicycles. It provides an interactive user guide and a feedback form. Urbike smart lock forces the user to follow a secure parking process, tracks devices position and prevents bicycles from being stolen. Urbike’s goal is to remove bicycles stations in order to serve a more personalized bicycle sharing process to everyone.


Verona FabLab

Thanks to the support of entrepreneurs of the Association Innoval, in the end of 2013 started the renovation of the first office of the FabLab Verona, in Grezzana, in the province of Verona.

Here are the main stages of our history:
End of 2013, beginning of work;
May 25, 2014: Inauguration with over 100 founders between companies and private;
June 5, 2015: The Verona FabLab is among the 18 laboratories funded by the Veneto Region #adveneto;
June 24, 2015: The Verona FabLab become association recognized at the regional level;
October 22, 2015: a second office was opened in the city center, at the space of Lino's & Co.

  A21 (pav. 5) - Associazione Verona FabLab

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