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Fauna di cartone
Fauna di cartone

Fauna di cartone

Sergio Gotti is a tireless maker of stories. Its build skills combined with a passion for the story and narration make it an artist naturally projected in a theatrical dimension but never "spectacular" in the sumptuous sense of the term. If his imagination draws on remote areas of history, even prehistory, of myth and epic, his technique retrieves the poor art, managing to infuse dynamic energy and bringing new life to packaging, wood, iron otherwise destined for pulping . Inexplicably cardboard vibrates, wood breathes, the paper catches fire and the scene becomes action, mechanical device, dadaist gimmick which nevertheless turns, spins, creaks, in a word works. Prologue, conflict, action, climax ... Sergio is able to project all in one rotating theater, symbolic and real together. The architect of impossible scenes gives way to woody imagination craftsman: the only way we can explain his horses suspended between Greece Ulysses, and the American Indians or the mechanical heads somewhere between Pinocchio and Geppetto Mastro " the Spirit of Our Time "Raul Hausmann.
Silvia Sfrecola Romani


Fauna di cartone

Sergio Gotti

Sergio Gotti was born in Cisterna di Latina in 1951.
He graduated from the State Institute of Art "J. Romani" of Velletri (Rome), where he lives and works.
To show his work has always been characterized by the constant search for new expressive themes.

  C36 (pav. 7) - Sergio Gotti

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